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The vision of Hopeline Institute is a world with egalitarian access to resources and sufficient information needed by all to engage in enterprises that support a decent living.  Hopeline Institute assists the marginalized populations of Accra, Ghana, especially women, by offering training in microfinance management and preventative health.  Since it began in 2007, Hopeline Institute has served over 500 clients, watching many grow from micro-business owners to SMEs.  In 2010, Hopeline Instituate joined with Partners Worldwide to enable SMEs to grow further through business training, mentoring, and access to capital.  For more information, please go to


Mother Carves a Future for Her Children

Tuesday May 27, 2014

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“Woodcarving is not an occupation for lazy people,” says Janet Osei Jackson. She’s carved out long hours conceiving ideas, gathering materials, and crafting her stunning art works. Yet, hard work alone isn’t always enough to prosper a business.

Sales expert senses training was “anointed”

Thursday May 2, 2013

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ACCRA, Ghana—- Entrepreneurs throughout Ghana have vast opportunities to create jobs and lift others out of poverty. “Their businesses are not just businesses,” says sales expert Dave Kahle, “but an expression of God’s activity in their community.”

Entrepreneur solves shortage of clean water

Thursday May 2, 2013

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ACCRA, Ghana—- According to Kojo Morrison, serving humanity with affordable clean water is the greatest joy that comes with running the family business. He is determined not to lose sight of the goal: providing clean water to people throughout Ghana.

Fafali grows her business, now employs 11

Monday May 7, 2012

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ACCRA, Ghana—- Fafali Azaglo’s love for her business and employees comes out in a contagious smile.  With the spirit of an entrepreneur, she employs 11 people fulltime within her food production business, “Selasie Farm and Groceries” in the capital city of Ghana.

Ghana Business Owner “recycling”  her knowledge on toward others

Tuesday November 8, 2011

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“I desire to use my God-given gifts to make a deep and lasting impact in the community.” - Felicia Baidoo Sagoe, owner of Twelve Baskets, a producer of soaps, bags and briquettes. Read how she is making it her business to recycle raw goods and her knowledge.

A story of Grace

Thursday May 26, 2011

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ACCRA, Ghana — This spring, entrepreneur Grace Adom attended a business training course for the first time. After 12 weeks, she graduated this April—excited to strengthen the business she’s owned for 10 years, and to share a new s

Lessons Learned After Years of Saving

Tuesday January 18, 2011

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by Renita Reed, West Africa Regional Facilitator
As an adult, I’ve found that saving is not often taught as a universal household principal in North America. In fact, the U.S. has been at a negative savings rate—with Americans spending more than they earn—for some time now. That is, until just recently within the economic crisis. Suddenly, people have begun to save.

Business in God’s “Total Image”

Tuesday November 30, 2010

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ACCRA, Ghana—“God is the owner, and I am only the manager,” says Ghanaian businesswoman Bennie Brown, as she remembers the past two years. 

Fashion designer employs 14 others in a growing market

Sunday July 25, 2010

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In the heart of the capital city of Ghana lies a small business on the forefront of fashion—Yawa African Wear.  More than a decade ago, entrepreneur and fashion designer Emma Yawa Sowah launched the business to compete with imports and other larger tailors, but it wasn’t until she joined Hopeline that her business steadily grew.

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunity, e-Communications, Ghana:
Share this opportunity with a friend or contact Martin Mutuku if you would like to apply.
Full position description available here.

International Mentor Opportunities:
There are several business people looking for international mentors:

David Ray Quashu - looking for marketing, advertising and packaging experience.
Felicia Baidoo Sagoe - recycled product production
John Yaw Baidoo - large-scale farming and agriculture experience
Mathias Nii Larbi Okine - art, printing press, graphic design. Also looking for those with bookkeeping, sales and marketing experience.
Solomon Lumor - industrial machine engineering.
Frederich Tawiah - logistics and import/export shipping.

For more information on these opportunities, contact Derek Hoogland

Seeking people to join weekly prayer call.  Business mentors needed to coach in person and long-distance, by walking alongside small business owners in bookkeeping, management, marketing, agriculture, customer satisfaction, personnel, and strategic planning.  Capital is needed to increase loan capacity and cover operational costs of training.    

Contact Martin Mutuku for more information.